Captain Charley Bartholomay presenting Water Wars
Power and Greed: Florida’s Fight to Protect Its Waters
A Novel

Blue Water Captain Publishing
Thursday, January 24th at 6 pm

captain-charley-bartholomay-presents-water-wars.jpgCapt. Charley’s second novel examines life at sea as seen through the eyes of his crew Capt. Louis Gladding and his cockpit ace, Crafty. With his forty years as a professional tournament and charter fishing captain, the author will take the reader through the intrigue of an unfinished piracy at sea. The story line soon shifts into Florida’s battle cry for clean water and better environmental protection where decades of poor water management are currently wreaking havoc on many of the state’s precious ecosystems.

Water Wars is a story of unresolved conflict resulting from an evil plot and a piracy only partially achieved. It is a perspective on how politicians, land owners and high end developers have relied on greed and backdoor politics to amass incredible power and wealth.

The author has been a nationally syndicated outdoor columnist for Scripps-Howard papers and is currently a regular blog contributor for REGULATOR Boats.