Grace Smith presents Close Your Eyes, Get Free -
Use Self Hypnosis to Reduce Stress, Quit Bad Habits and Achieve Greater Relaxation and Focus

Da Capo Books/ Hachette Book Group
Wednesday, October 10th at 6 pm

Grace-Smith-presents-Close-Your-Eyes-Get-Free.jpgMeditation, mindfulness, and other alternative healing practices continue to find their place with Western audiences. Now, Grace Smith introduces the next wave: hypnosis. Close Your Eyes, Get Free shares the practical advice and exercises that Smith uses to great success in her private hypnotherapy practice. While hypnosis may have previously conjured an image of entranced participants squawking like a chicken, the reality is something far more peaceful-and useful. Readers will learn how hypnosis can be the most rapid and effective tool to increase self-worth and empowerment, reduce stress and anxiety, quit bad habits, and more. Close Your Eyes, Get Free is the bridge that takes hypnotherapy from mysterious and misunderstood into the mainstream, offering practical strategies and simple exercises anyone can do anytime, anywhere for a deeply relaxed and focused state.